preview: surveyors of magic

15 – 28 sept 2022


bringing together an array of international artists within refraction’s community, «preview: surveyors of magic» describes the magic of memories, dreams, and experiences refracted through the digital lens.

universes are created in pixels, with vestigial flickers of world 1.0 (aka reality) coming through. reality has been translated and transposed by the artists into the language of magic through different digital mediums including ai, digital painting, video art, 3d renders, and more.

interlaced into the playful exhibition installation of craig barrow, the featured artworks from chepertom, digitalcoleman, and hypereikon invite the viewer to step into the world of each artist and explore for themselves.

refraction is an artist-run cultural co-op of more than 1000 musicians, artists, curators, djs, programmers and industry workers, building a participatory ecosystem for the future of art and culture. using blockchain technology and web3 practices, refraction experiments with decentralized models of ownership, organization and governance at the intersection of art, music, and community-building. our ultimate goal is to deliver the economic upside back to artists, by hosting global music + visual art events, community nft drops and cultural experiences. we believe there is no power for cultural change greater than a creative community collaboratively building around what inspires them.