noah pred: eschatons

25 — 26 aug 2022


in theological terminology, the eschaton is translated as a final event looming at the end of time. as such, this piece explored the co-creative experience of time as an emergent object expressed via meta-cultural systems. can presence in the current moment dissolve — or decenter — limiting temporal constructs, re-embedding us in an expanded sense of process?

embodying the dual experience of time’s passage as both cyclic and chaotic, all sonic elements comprising the audio portion of the piece were produced entirely from either cyclic sine waves, chaotic noise, or combinations of the two. the generative system that gave rise to the piece was constructed with bespoke audio-visual tools developed by the artist in max/msp. visible digital artifacts were retained to emphasize the fundamental medium of the piece: the internet.

participants in the original installation of eschatonality, for refraction festival at in june 2022, were able to interact with it by simply posting a tweet including the title: eschatonality. the result, presented here for the first time, is a collection of 50 unique audio-visual expressions of eschatonality.

noah pred is a canadian generative audio-visual artist, max for live developer, juno award nominated electronic producer, educator, sound designer, and writer based in berlin.