in touch: art in the age of post-nftism

13 — 25 sept 2022


an international group exhibition featuring 20 artists who are at the forefront of today’s crypto and generative art movements on tezos. curated by micol ap and anika meier, presented by verticalcrypto art.

featured artists: agoria, kim asendorf, loren bednar, orla berlin, anna carreras, brendan dawes, linda dounia, leander herzog, ismahelio, andy kassier, martina menegon, claudia pawlak, andreas rau, manuel rossner, rudxane, ivona tau, melissa wiederrecht, zancan

verticalcrypto art was founded by micol ap (ceo) in 2020 and has established its position as one of the leading platforms for art and culture in the nft ecosystem. the platform empowers and elevates artists by curating exhibitions offline and online, organising auctions, panel discussions and talk series on twitter spaces, whilst running the first web3 online residency for artists. its mentors include some of the most respected and knowledgeable voices in the nft community, including colborn bell (museum of crypto), jason bailey (clubnft), and fanny lakoubay (lal art). regular partners include sotheby’s, tezos, gazelli art house, clubnft, museum of crypto art, and whitewall.