4 screens

09 — 19 aug 2022


4 screens is a pop-up digital art exhibition that celebrates a diverse range of art on tezos. dekabinett hosted the first iteration, in which four different curators from across the globe presented their selection of the digital art.

Screen 01

The Third Dimension

curated by michelle Brown

nfts provide a new creative platform for digital artists, including those experimenting with 3d, interactivity, virtual and augmented reality artworks. innovative digital 3d experiences create a sense of depth to screen based works, providing a sense of whimsy and exploration. this curated selection highlights artists from around the globe pushing the boundaries of interactive web based artworks, including pieces by aloner one, masbaco, new yellow, katrina iosa, violet forest, mumu the stan, pearl hyacinth and others.

michelle brown aka the bad lament is an australian based new media artist focused on virtual and augmented reality and creating storytelling experiences in the digital space. michelle has produced documentary series for australian television, created music videos and visuals for a variety of artists and festivals and has exhibited work internationally and around australia, including at sundance film festival, sxsw, cannes xr, cadaf, github universe and she has worked with snapchat and google plus many more.

Screen 02


curated by Taís Koshino

from memories that were denied to us, from tales we heard. we demand to feel the world. we created our forceful signs, our path to find our gold. we need to delink from imposed precepts, free ourselves from the illusion that there is only one way of thinking, living, and doing. it's urgent to elaborate on other possibilities, and trace dispersion routes for the de-hierarchization of senses, affections, sensorial fields. there is a necessity to go beyond what is said to be universal, face nature, and search for sites that were violently demoted, exterminated, erased, veiled. it's vital to make it visible, horizontalize the senses, trace dispersion routes, build possible structures to exist. we rescue technologies and knowledge, manufacture possibilities, create visualities. from within our singular world-sensing, we enunciate and propose a way to transform.

taís koshino is a brazilian visual artist, researcher, and curator. her practice and poetic research are around contemporary drawing and are permeated by her japanese ancestry. she investigates the borderland's territories and explores it in physical and digital media. she is co-founder and curator of diversenftart and worked at hic et nunc's artistic and communication projects team. she participated in group exhibitions and fairs in brazil, chile, portugal, the usa, and germany. her most recent work, jardim, was featured at art basel miami 2021.

Screen 03

NFT DEB Generative Dimensions

curated by Viola Lukács

this collection of human/data engineered artworks takes aim at the avian migration crisis. a tragedy is unfolding. europe’s most iconic migratory bird species are disappearing like never before. in the uk, turtle dove numbers have declined by 95% between 1992—2017. nightingale numbers by 56% between 1995—2018. and these kinds of dramatic population declines are being seen all over the continent. birds simply aren’t returning from their wintering grounds any more. from cyprus to egypt, lebanon to syria, these beautiful creatures are being illegally taken and killed on an almost unimaginable scale. in the famagusta region of cyprus alone, a staggering 400,000—1 million individuals will disappear forever this year. and next year. and the year after that. this, combined with widespread habitat loss through shifting land use patterns and unchecked climate change fuelled by human activity, means europe is facing a full-blown environmental crisis. the hard truth is: this just isn’t sustainable. but, all is not lost. a new frontline has opened up. one powered by the intersection of technology and creativity, and it’s offering fresh hope. unwilling to stand by and watch as europe’s migratory bird numbers dwindle away to nothing, an all-star cast of nft artists and scientists from around the world came together to say enough is enough. something must be done. the seven artworks are the result of nft deb generative dimensions exploring how the design of ai and nft technologies can drive sustainable solutions. featured artists: daïm aggott-hönsch, nina kov, nikita freeboid, judit navratil, gergő sós, péter weiler, barabasilab.

viola lukács is a berlin-based curator and writer using art to unravel human and non-human entanglements. her research revolves around artificial light as a medium of art and its psychosomatic effects on inbuilt and natural environments. as a strategic consultant, she develops art collections and supports museums, foundations, and artists in their sustainable digitization processes.

Screen 04

DANGER! NFTs! (Preview 2)

curated by crcdng

no other phenomenon is more controversial, exciting and present in the current art system than nfts. at the moment, exhibitions often focus on generative art, pfps or early crypto artists. this selection from the crcdng collection is different — it presents a number of fresh, wild and dangerous voices: the nightmarish humor of bloody halley. the ironic pastiche of bugdem yener. the political voice of burka bayram. the iconic video game art of estelle flores. the empowering trash of jessy jeanne. the sex-positive feminist stance of kinky karrot. the ascii gesamtkunstwerk of mikado koko. the punch-in-your-face style of miwako. the haunting imagery of psychedemon. the enigmatic girl power of sandy. the mesmerizing collages of thais silva. and the gonzo hallucinations of tornado rodriguez.

crcdng is a transdisciplinary theorist and practitioner with a focus on systems theory, playful design, and posthuman positions. since april 2021, crcdng has been involved with teia, an art-focused nft community on the tezos blockchain that evolved from hic et nunc, where he acts in various roles as collector, artist, curator and tool developer.